Life Of The Beerster

June 18, 2012 Monday Off to the Great Race around the Great Lakes

Picked up Lee Hamby at his house in Long Beach, headed east on Interstate 605 to 210 east over the Cajon pass to Barstow. We stopped in Needles CA for brunch / fuel. Out HWY 66 thru Flagstaff, AZ, lots of mountains up and down, 936 miles, overnight in San Rosa, NM

June 19 Tuesday

Out and on the road at 6:15, lunch in Gary, NM

June 20 Wednesday

Lee and on the road in to Grand Rapids, MI. for over night

June 21 Thursday

We arrived in Traverse City MI. around noon. Denby got delayed by a big storm that closed the Detroit airport, and his plane was diverted to Grand Rapids and he had to hang out at Grand Rapids airport. They got clearance and got a flight to Traverse City, arrive around 9:00.  Lee and I got the BeerSter thru Tech Inspection, and the re-stickering of the BeerSter for all the new sponsors.

June 22, Friday

9:00 am Rally school at the Hotel, big help.

The Hagerty trophy run today. When we started everything was looking good until Denby started to have trouble with the stop watch, it went in to 24 hour military time and that was bitch, we lost our composure and missed a turn.  We got the watch set up at the lunch stop and everything went good from then on.

We got back to town, and I had the bright idea to stop at the trailer before going back to the Hotel, the trailer was about 1.5 miles from the Hotel, Lee was there and we had a Beer and screw around for a while not understanding that we only had 30 minutes from our expected time to cross the finish line. Because it was only a trophy run and we were out of the money so to speak we just meandered over to the Hotel, our reward was a DNF. Just not thinking that day.

June 23 Saturday, Stage # 1

Hi gang; well we had a good day today, more about that later. Yesterday after the trophy Run I screw up, I over filled the gas tank on the BeerSter and I decided to go by the trailer and drain a little out. Well the finish line closed 30 minutes after the last car was due in and when we got back into town there was crash on the main road going to the hotel and it cost us some time also and we were too late. All of our timed lags were completed in good time. If I had gone to the Hotel first we would have been in the top 50%, however we got a DNF for the trophy run. Bummer

To day the actual Rally started in Traverse City crossed the MackinacBridge into Sault St. Marie. Lunch in Saint Ignace, MI. We had a great ride and the BeerSter preformed great. We are in Sault ST. Marie overnight, and going to Canada tomorrow, looks like rain. Our score was 38 seconds off the pace.

June 24, Sunday Stage # 2

Today was good sort of, started in 51st position in the rain, leg #1, we were 3 sec early, Leg #2, 8 sec late. Crossed the Border Bridge over Lake Huron. Had lunch in Elliot Lake, the place where the Mall collapsed yesterday, and killed some of people “bad news”. Back to us Leg  #3, 2 sec late, Leg #4 we were on some really bad road gravel over 1 hr going 15/20 miles per hour, and ended up 21 sec late. That was hard, than the rains got harder, we missed our turn, and while we were trying to make lost time we missed another turn, and that was where the last check was, and another “DNF” Bummer. 54 miles down the freeway to Sudbery, Canada for the overnight. Photo of our SPOT GPS devise tells you where we are at Lunch and our over night follow us on Facebook.

Score today 29 seconds.

June 25, Monday Stage # 3

Today started 84th. Late start getting out of Sudbery, Canada. Roads were really bad, lots of gravel roads, and paved roads that were bumpy mostly back roads, The BeerSter didn’t like them. After morning brake we missed a turn and ended up on a freeway like road that we couldn’t get off, and fell behind 12 minutes. This was the most fun we got to turn up power on the BeerSter, and were able to get back on our Minute and passed 12 cars and got to the check 5 seconds off. We had Lunch at Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.  When we got back end of the day we went to work on the BeerSter tighten up the front suspension, we even took the steering box off to see if there might be something wrong, greased it and back together. We were up until 12:00, long day, Overnight at Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Score 36 seconds.

June 26, Tuesday, Stage #4

Stared 45th  Today good day lots of higher speed roads, the BeerSter felt better, not so many rough roads. Lunch in Berry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada.   Denby and I bought some home made Maple Syrup, in Maple Leaf Bottles Lots of miles, no problems BeerSter preformed flawless today.  Overnight in Kanata, Ottawa, Canada we had a nice chicken dinner and got to relax at the hotel. Tomorrow Watertown, NY. USA. We are improving Score 33 seconds.

June 27, Wednesday Stage # 5

Started 74th Today, Good day we felt that leg #1 and #2 would be really close, and they were good, however leg #3 was a construction zone, and we had changes to the instructions and we did not get through all of them. (Each morning Denby and Lee review all the instructions and make notes that help during the Rally day. Today a miss read cost 7 or 8 seconds to our over total score. We came back in to the US thru Kingston, Canada had lunch in Kingston, we did visit a really interesting boat museum at our lunch stop, and off to Watertown, NY, USA. BeerSter preformed flawless again today. Score 34 Seconds

June 28, Thursday Stage # 6

Got a late start today 79th out of 79 still Rallying, 13 cars out one way or the other. Last minute a 40 Ford jumped in at 80th good husband and wife team, they helped us and we helped them both of us missed a turn and had to get back on our minute not easy. Just before lunch at Fair port, NY, a Rally team was hit from the rear turning their car over(32 Ford Roadster, daughter in rumble seat) Mom, dad , and daughter, quite an eye opening what can happen on these country roads. 73 minute delay. They were taken to the hospital for check up, all are ok but the car is toast. We really got our timing dialed in. Today we got our first “ACE”, that means that we zeroed a check not easy. When we got in to Buffalo, NY, we had to change the right front tire, wearing uneven. All is well, score today 18 seconds.

June 29, Friday Stage # 7

The BeerSter Boys, rolled the BeerSter out today for a ride to Youngstown, Ohio, from the Adam Mark Hotel, in Buffalo, New York, nice place. Hot 100+ degrees, 28 pages of Rally instructions, big day for the Navigator, started out with an almost 2 hours Speedo check, tire warm up down the freeway. Lot’s farmland, small town’s, pretty neat country side.  Lunch stop today Franklin, Pennsylvania, pulled beef sandwiches, they ran out of pulled pork that Denby likes. First 3 Legs really good, lots of stop and go with speed changes which we do well. Leg #3 we really blew it, miss a turn, Police cleaning up from a motor cycle crash a something on the road, we thought we made up the lost time, “did not” over a Minute late at the finish line, more details later. We need some sleep, going to bed early normal night sleep 5.0 hours. Not a good day 1:39 seconds. Yes that is a minute, and 39 seconds.

June 30, Saturday Stage # 8

Today we started in Youngstown, Ohio. We had 32 pages of instructions with over 200 commands. First thing, get the rain gear on the BeerSter, it kind of helps keeping the rain water from coming in on the double breasted cowl at speed. Weatherman says rain. We also put our rain gear on, not much rain though.. 2 hours traveling to get to start of the Rally. We took rain gear off next stop. We had a real good day except lunch in Mansfield, Ohio, 1 hot dog and get on the road very little time. Missed no turns, lots stop, go, speed changes, the BeerSter doesn’t like all the stop & go stuff, and speed changes down to 12 MPH, up to 50 MPH. 7 Legs (checks), we had 1,2,3, seconds, and 8 seconds checks and 3 more and a total of 48 seconds for the day.  Final over night stop Findlay, Ohio. Score 48 seconds.

July 1, Sunday Stage # 9 Last Day

Started 47rd out today, we felted good about the day, we made a slight change in our plan timing from stop signs. The BeerSter was not taking off from stop signs well for the last few days as before, so we added 2 seconds to each stop and go. This leg had a lot of stop signs to deal with. We stopped for a cold Gator Aid, as we were getting ready to leave and the fire extinguisher went off, we thought we had a fire; the powder looked like smoke, so two of the racers came over with their fire extinguisher ready to put out the fire.   Today we had lunch in Ypsilanti, MI neat little town. We were parked near the Triumph Shop that is in the TV program Café Racer, and of course we had to pay them a visit. We had a little wipe duty down to clean powder from in side the BeerSter. Hot Dog lunch and we were off. Next stop The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn MI. and the End of The Great Race 2012. This could not get better, we pulled in to the Finish and received our score for the day how about 14 seconds and 2 ACES, what a treat and fantastic end to a great adventure.

Summer 2007

Coast to Coast Great Race Concord NC to Anaheim, California

PeeWee’s Journal

Before PeeWee and I ventured off to the Great Race, PeeWee’s better half “Tina” presented him with a personal log into which PeeWee could record the happenings of each day of our adventure. Additionally, Tina transcribed PeeWee’s written words into something we can all understand.

The following are those day by day log entries. Thank you PeeWee and Tina.

June 23rd, 2007, Saturday

The “Great Adventure” starts today! Departed my house 4:40am pulling the trailer with The BeerSter inside. Picked Mike up in Beaumont at 5:30 AM and off to the Great Race. We drove 660 miles in 12 hours. We stayed in Gallup, New Mexico for the first night. Everything went well. Lots of hills as Gallup, New Mexico are over 5,000 feet. We average 10 miles to the gallon pulling the trailer with my Ford van.

June 24th, 2007, Sunday

I drove 560 miles today to Amarillo, Texas. Stopped at 1st Best Western that we thought we had reservations. Owner would not let us park the trailer in the parking lot of the Best Western so we left and went to the correct Best Western where we actually had our reservation and got to park in the parking lot. We had time to go into the Hotel swimming pool. Got ice and beer and watched NASCAR.

June 25th, 2007, Monday

Today we went to Fort Smith, Arkansas, 450 miles. We picked up an Anti Sway Bar for the trailer. The big 18 wheelers were pushing us around when the passed. We have been looking for a RV supply store to get a sway bar, and found a Camping World. Installed the sway bar at the Motel. Lots of rain today on the road I really had a work out driving. I went on line to check my e mail at Wire Cut, and everything looks good. Mike blogged our website Sent some messages to BeerSter Fans.

June 26th, 2007, Tuesday, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Today we got a later start 6:45am. Aalmost lost my hat,(BeerSter Boys) I left it sitting on a chair in the Hotel breakfast room Hotel desk man came out to the parking lot as we were leaving and gave it to me, he said he was a big fan of the Great Race. I gave him a sticker, and he said he had plans on going to the 4th of July celebration and will see us when we come thru during the race. The road was different then the last 2 days. When we stopped to take a pee we noticed one of the tires on the trailer was really bad. Mike and I put the spare on. We had to use 2 jacks to lift the trailer wheel off the ground. The next town we got off I-40 and went to an RV, sales, and service and bought a new tire and gave the service guys some stickers. Going thru Bucksnort, Arkansas a small deer ran out in front of me and I could not react in time to prevent from hitting it. Felt bad about that the rest of the day. Arrive at motel had pizza and beer then went to bed.

June 27th, 2007, Wednesday

We have arrived in Concord, North Carolina. We drove almost 500 miles today. When we pulled up to the hotel Embassy Suites in Concord, there were Great Race Cars all over the place. We went in and got registered. Sent our bags with the bell hop and went to the parking lot and found a place to park after looking and moving this way and that way, finely we found a spot next to PMS. We then headed off to sign up and got our stuff and the low down on what’s happening. We decided to go thru Tech Inspection now instead of tomorrow. They said Tech is open until 6:00 PM so we went for it. The BeerSter passed tech just fine. They listed us with a 1957 handicap because our rear end being a 1957 Ford. The rule is the newest part of your running gear. (Engine, Trans, rear end) The sad part is we had to remove our beautiful #68. It had to go!! The rules say no signage larger then 100 square inches. That is the rules and we are ok with it. The BeerSter looked OK with all the Race Stickers after all.

June 28th, 2007 Thursday

Danny came in late last night around 12:00 PM, slept in a little and came out to see what he could do. Today we messed with the car a little. At 3:00 – 5:00 PM we were in a rally school. Boy oh boy did that help! Harry still had not arrived so he was not here for the class. His flight was cancelled and he will be coming in late tonight, 11:00 PM or so. We were asked by Wayne Stanfield and Bill Ewing to participate in a Fox TV news program tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM, for the local folks. They asked just a few interesting cars to do the TV program. So it’s 11:00 PM and I have to go to bed!!

June 29th, 2007 Friday

Today was long!! Up at 4:15 AM to participate in the TV interview downtown, Concord. We met the Mayor Scott ???, Interview by Williams from Fox TV local. Only two cars Corky Coker’s Buick Shafer8, and the BeerSter. Mike and I were really impressed with the whole TV news thing. Danny and I did carburetor and air cleaner work today. The small Hot Rod Air Filters that were on the BeerSter weren’t working. We went to Advanced Auto Parts and bought a K&N big filter the flange size was the same as the flanges on the Carbs… I Ordered 3 more to be picked up at 3:00 PM. Then off to Wal-Mart to find some pots or pans to make air cleaners water proof. What Danny found was ice buckets, stainless steel. We took them back to the trailer/machine shop and while Danny and Harry designed and worked on the ice buckets and converted them to air kegs. Mike and I went to Lowe’s Motor Speedway to take a few hot laps around the track. That was fun. Dan Standering ex -Wire Cut Employee was there to take pictures and also came over to the hotel and hung out most of the day. Danny went to pick up the balance of the air cleaners while Danny and Harry finished the metal work. We also had a nice visit with Glen Pennington and Frankie NTMA friends. After completing all the fabrication and assembly, Danny and I went out on the road to tune the carburetors. After about 1-1/2 hours we stopped with the same settings we had in California. We came back to go to the mandatory meeting at 8:00. Missed dinner, tuning carbs. Went to our room and got on the internet checking on my e mail. Then called Tina, and oh by the way talked to Colette today and she was going to give notice to Oreck and take the job in Florida. I’m tired goodnight 11:00 PM.

June 30th, 2007 Saturday-Stage 1

The race begins today!! We started 9:14 AM from the Embassy Suites to go to downtown Concord. They had a great set-up downtown on Union Street. All the cars were on display until 1:00 PM for an unofficial start. Lots of people. They had several car clubs with displays. The interest in the BeerSter was great. I saw Glenn and Francie today. Harry and Danny did not come to the downtown street fair. The race started for real at about 2:28PM and we had a ball driving all around these country roads. We started doing really well until we missed the turn on Green River and some local guys in a welding truck flag us down to tell us that. Everybody was turning back there. That was at least 4-5 minutes off our time so I tried to make up the time and that was fun. Passing 6-8 Great Race cars to try to get back on our minute. We blew by a check #2, I should have stopped and re-started but I did not see it until it was too late. The car performed really well today. No working on the BeerSter after the race. We stayed in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

July 1st, 2007 Sunday Stage 2

We left this morning. Starting time 8:30 AM. Today we go to Chattanooga Tennessee. Great ride our first leg. 14 seconds off. Through the Great Smokie’s to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee oh what beautiful country. All of a sudden Mike yells the temp gage is 280 degrees, and we pulled over. The blue VW in the race pulls over to tell us smoke is coming out of our car. It was steam from over heating. We got out and noticed that our water pump pulley was broken. Oh s—! The camera car pulls over to see if they could help. They shoot a few shots of us working on the BeerSter. They said the Sag Wagon should be coming up the road soon. First the recovery team came. I flag them down, and Steve and Chris told me that the Sag Wagon was not coming thru this route road is to narrow. Discussing what we could do, up pulls the Sag Wagon. Rusty and Connor jump out ready to help. They un-loaded a mini van and loaded up The BeerSter. We drove the mini van to Maggie Valley for lunch and transferred The BeerSter to the 18 wheeler car hauler Blue Highway. After we loaded The BeerSter, Mike Brooks the driver got a call on another break down. We went up the valley and picked up #80, a Model “A” Speedster. 210 miles later and thru a lot of rain we arrive in Chattanooga, TN. Mike and I unload The BeerSter. I did call Danny and Harry and they went looking for a water pump pulley. The pulley they got needed a lot of work in order for it to work, but we were not going to let that stop us. I went to Coker Tire to see if Corky might have an extra; Corky also has a Buick 8 speedster. Corky said he thinks he has one and I could have it. The reception was at Coker Tire and I didn’t like bothering him but I was willing to do what ever that it took to get back in the race. We did not get to participate in the reception at Coker Tire we were on a mission. Corky offered me his mechanic Andrew to get the pulley and anything else we needed. Well the pulley wasn’t quite the same size. Andrew and I went the Co0ker Machine shop and asked machinist JD to help in any way he could. Danny, Harry and I mock up the spacers to make the alternator work with the smaller pulley. The belt was too long. Danny and I went back to Coker’s machine shop and JD the machinist made spacers we needed and back to the hotel, re-assembled and by 11:30 PM. I took The BeerSter out for a test run. I went to Coker’s machine shop to show JD the car. I passed out stickers and patches to JD, Andrew and Corky. What a bunch of great guys!! Corky made sure personally I had anything I needed!!

July 2nd, 2007 Monday, Stage 3

This day started good and went good all day. We left Chattanooga at 8:41am, and headed to Nashville Tennessee, and the Lane Motor Museum. We had two stops – 1 lunch and 1 pit stop: Small towns that put us in the center of their town as a celebration. When we got to Nashville, Colette, Rob, John, Jennifer, Baby Taylor, Mickey, Bridgett and of course Harry and Danny were there to welcome us in. That was a real trip signing autographs in the Great Race Program. Our score for the day was 1:31 seconds. We had a late dinner with the whole gang, except John, and Jennifer.

July 3rd, 2007 Tuesday, Stage 4

Today Colette and Rob were there to see us off. Destination today Germantown Tennessee. Colette and Rob said they would meet us there. The BeerSter was hard to start this morning and we had to push it down the driveway and it fired up. Everything went very good. We drove about 1 hour to get out of town. We had a nice drive thru a very big park. We were able to run 45 M.P.H. and that was good. The small towns had very nice receptions again. One town Collinwood with a population of 1,000 was really different. Home made cookies, and all the towns people came out even the local Belly Dancers. We went thru The Shenandoah Valley. Stopped at a town that’s still living the Civil War era. I bought a “US” belt buckle. Our score was 1:40 for the day. We had a sponsor Jerry Thompson that grew up in California that sat with us at dinner in Germantown. Nice dinner. Harry, Danny, Colette, Robb, Mike and I. Over all not a bad day. We changed the plugs and did come carburetor adjustments. Went to bed early – 11:00 PM.

July 4th, 2007, Wednesday Stage 5

I thought today would be short so we could be a part of the Fort Smith 4th of July celebration!! NOT SO! Very long day!! We arrived in Fort Smith around 7:00 PM. After our timed event, we had 55 miles of freeway before we got to Ft Smith. We got The BeerSter baptized today. It rained heavy at our lunch stop just as we came into town. Each town puts out food and drinks and they have people to welcome us. Danny and Harry hanged with the PMS crew and try to park with them, if the could. Steve and Mark are Good Old Boys from Missouri. Danny went out with them on the 4th and got home late. But he’s ok young, and tough.

July 5th, 2007, Thursday Stage 6

Off to Norman, Ok, today.

Today the first thing we did was to calibrate the Speedo at our morning check up. The check up also included oil, tires, wheels, and stuff. Well the Speedo calibration really did help. We got our first “ACE” today. That means we zeroed a check! We felt that we were doing well in the AM and we were. The afternoon was not so good. We got a late start and miss-calculated a check. That put us behind. Then we missed a turn and then I tried to catch up and did not have time before we came across the check and it was over for the day. We were bummed. All was forgotten when we pulled into Norman, OK and at the finish line and was presented with our “Ace”. Zero late or early. That was very satisfying.

July 6th, 2007, Friday Stage 7

We left Norman, OK heading for Grapevine, Texas. We really felt good about our rallying skills after getting an “Ace” yesterday. Stopping in Ardmore, OK for lunch chicken and potato salad again. All the host towns have been really great – everybody offering snacks and cold drinks and an air condition place to rest. Our 3rd leg was cancelled because of flooding. Texas has some serious flooding going on. Our last stop was Lewisville, TX. Good food and over to Grapevine, TX for a 1 day rest stop at the Hilton Hotel. Very Nice.

July 7th, 2007 Day Off

Slept in today until 7:30 and that was good. Mike and I got up today and went out and did some washing. I was starting to re-use socks and shorts. Washed all my clothes and stopped for a “sit down breakfast” that was a treat. When we got back to the hotel, we started to service the BeerSter. Danny and Harry were up and ready to service the BeerSter. We changed the engine oil, transmission oil, new LP bottle, and spark plugs. Wayne Applegate, an EDM friend from Texas came buy to visit and told me where I could find a car wash. We brought paper towels and 4 cool cups for our beer. Danny and I went down to the car wash and washed the BeerSter, and gassed her up. We cleaned the BeerSter and polished the metal parts. When we got back Jim Wicker High School Buddy from Long Beach and his Bride–To-Be came by. She wants to go on The Great Race with Jim’s 56 Chevy Pick-up. He said good-by. It was 6:00 PM we are going to get some dinner. Danny, Harry, Mike and I all went to get a real Texas steak dinner. We went to the Love and War Texas Steak House and we all had a steak dinner.

July 8th, 2007 Stage 8

After the Prayer Breakfast given by the Interstate Batteries President, we pulled out of Grapevine, Texas at 10:06 AM and headed to Abilene, Texas and were mostly un-eventful. If you call intense Rallying un-eventful. We stopped in Eastland Texas for lunch. We went thru a construction zone and missed a turn or we turned too soon. That put us behind by 8 minutes but we turned us around and I pushed the BeerSter to make-up almost 6 minutes passing a 6 cars. Score for the day 2:00 minutes +. The Great Race people started a new thing. The team with the worst score of the day got “The Pink Monkey”. Well we were not the worst. The Green Nash rookie team got “The Pink Monkey”. They made the same mistake we did and were 2:00 minutes + late. One thing that was really nice was when we got in each hot day Harry and Danny was there with a cold Beer. Went to dinner at Out Back and then back to our hotel by 10:00 PM. This is a dry County so they did not serve alcoholic type beverages.

July 9th, 2007, Stage 9

Today we go to Clovis, New Mexico. Start time is 7:52 AM. This was a good day for the 1st two checks. We got in 6 seconds late. Coming out of the lunch stop, we got on the wrong road and had to turn around and re-trace our out of town route. I had to push the BeerSter to make up time, and that was the most fun, which we got back, 16 seconds late. The last leg really put us thru hell. We went right into a storm! This was one of those black clouds that look like it goes right from the sky to the ground and we went right into the eye of the storm! First the rains came heavy, then the hail as big as marbles so heavy we had to stop. Lots of cars were stopping and I could not see 10 feet in front of me. We stopped behind a Blue T-Bird, and got our rain gear on, but it was cold as hell, and out instructions got wet. Then this 32 Ford came thru right past us and I jumped right in behind him. We had to follow someone because our instructions were unreadable. We got to Clovis, New Mexico and they had a real party for us!! Mike and I went to the Van and got out of our wet clothes, and joined the party. Lots of people there to greet us! After the Party we took the BeerSter to the motel. Mike stayed and Danny, Harry, and I went to dinner. When we got back Mike had the left side valance off and was working on the fuel line and the gas was all over the place. The filter and fuel pump had come loose at the fitting. Mike called the Fire Department just for safety. When the fire Department got there they put some chemical on the gas that naturalized the gas on the ground. We were able to fix the fittings and got to bed around 12 midnight.

July 10th, 2007, Stage 10

Today we go to Albuquerque, New Mexico

This morning the Great Race People are going to have a breakfast somewhere down the road but we need to leave by 6:30AM. Potalas, New Mexico had a breakfast and most of the day went well. We stopped for lunch in Carrizozo NM, a little town at the foot of a mountain resort area. Corky pass the hat for a small group of teen ages that were singing at our lunch, they plan to go to a Blue grass Festival. We had a real good score only 33 seconds late which is the best score yet. We came into Albuquerque, New Mexico and stayed at The Embassy Suites, a real nice place. We still notice a small fuel leak but decide we could live with and Harry and Danny would look for a fitting or something to fix it.

July 11th, 2007, Stage 11

We leave Albuquerque with the destination being Flagstaff, Arizona by Interstate 40, 298 miles. But we don’t get to take the Interstate we are going the take the long way. We left at 8:41 AM and off we went. Today was long and high speed!! We had 6 check points. The fuel leak seemed to heal itself. Most of the afternoon was mountains and difficult to hold speed. The real interesting thing was The BeerSter loved the high elevation. 65 mph in 2nd gear wow that’s neat. Arriving into Flagstaff they have a great reception for all of us. Lots of people, and a nice dinner at the Weatherford Hotel, Zane Gray used to like to stay there. After dinning on really good Mexican food, we went to the street and with our beer in some nice read cups the local police busted us and we had to dump them, even the only had barley pop in them. Back at the hotel we pulled the side panel off The BeerSter to review the fuel leak and fix the stop light. The stop light has been staying on. The fuel pump had a loose cover plate and that was the leak that we had a few days ago. We fixed and put the car away and went to bed about Midnight. We had a score of 43 seconds which I thought should have been a little better. We really did try today.

July 12th, 2007 Stage 12

We pulled out of Flagstaff, AZ and headed to Laughlin, Nevada #11 good starting times, 7:11 AM off to Laughlin we go. This was a really grueling day. I think maybe 350-400 miles. The BeerSter likes the thin air. It was running great and then down to the desert. We had 1 screw up with construction zone area and equipment on the road missed our turn. Some cars over heated in the hills. We felt real good about most of the day. We pulled into Laughlin and received our 2nd “ACE”!!! What a thrill!!! My friend Jim Snodgrass was there to greet us. We went thru our routine, parked the car, answered questions and have a BEER!! Our overall score was 3 minutes+, but getting an “ACE” was great! We still have trouble with the reporting and working with time delays. We don’t keep good time on the time delays. That’s a skill that the Veterans have down good and the use them. It was nice seeing Snod! It’s good to have friends at the finish line. We all had a beer and went to the trophy presentation in the Boiler Room on the Colorado Belle.

July 13th, 2007, Stage 13

Last day of Rallying. Off to Pomona. We are #18 out. We had a train that required us to stop, but this time we were right on with our time delay. Mike and I had on Hilltopper colors because we are going thru 29 Palms/Yucca Valley. We got to Yucca and Scott Trembly and Rob Meyer were there to greet us. Greg and Seran Graham were also there to greet us. Nice lunch and off to Big Bear for our pit stop. All kinds of people along the road to greet us. To our surprise Dave Oakleaf, Mark Slater, and Jon Woodle were in Big Bear to greet us. Off to Pomona to the finish!! In Pomona we stayed at The Sheridan next to NHRA Museum. George Barris really likes The BeerSter. He filmed a short interview with Mike and me. We all went in the hotel and had a beer. Mark and Dave rode their street bike to the Sheridan from Big Bear. Jerry Savelle came over and hung out until 10:00 PM. Feels so good to be so close to home. We hung out in the bar with a lot of great racers!! Dick, Gus and a whole bunch. Glad to be home!

July 14th, 2007, Stage 14

No rallying today. Just a parade into Anaheim with The BeerSter leading the pack to the finish. I of course needed Mike to give me instructions on how to go from Pomona Fairgrounds to downtown Anaheim. Hundreds of people were there to meet us. Mostly we were excited to see our families. Tina, Nicole, Vince, Brenda, Darryl, Linda, Ally, Char and Steve, Pat, Velvet, Mike’s Daughter Lori and Son Daniel, and Son-In-Law David. Jon Woodle, Glen Pennington and his Wife were also there. Glen and his Wife also greeted us when we were in Concord, North Carolina at the start of the race. That was really cool!! What was really cool was we received our 3rd “ACE” at the finish line. What a way to finish “THE GREAT RACE”.


July 15th, 2007

We had friends, family, and neighbors over for food and beer. The BeerSter went 4,300 miles in fourteen days.