Big Red

BS at the bridge


BS in Garage

Lining up at Lowes Motor Speedway

Our Genius Crew designs a better breathing system

BS and me driving

...and they called it the "Beerster."

BS in the park

BS for Windfildes

The Pits in Concord

Mock Up

Peewee with BS

Stage 1 to Spartenburg

Spartenburg Stage 1 Finish

Harry made some friends looking for a pully

Stage 2 broke a pully

Corky Coker fixed our problem

Stage 3 Chattenooga to Nashville

Stage 4 Nashville to Germantown

Stage 5 Germantown to Fort Smith

Stage 6 Fort Smith to Norman OK

Stage 6 Fort Smith to Norman OK

Stage 7 Norman to Grapevine TX

Masked Men during Stage 7

Stage 8 Grapevine to Abilene

Stage 8 Abiline to Clovis NM... Really Wet!

Stage 11 New Mexico

Stage 11 Flagstaff AZ

Start of stage 12 to Laughlin

Stage 13 Pomona NHRA Museum

Stage 14 Finish line Anahiem CA

1914 Model T BeerSter Boys in Dearborn Buffallo Denby Lee & Me Finish Line Getting it down Ace Great Lakes Lake Little Rain More great Lakes Ottawa,CA Rolling Hills Start Here Supplies 2 The end